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A different way to downlight, CSL’s patented GyroShift™ technology is a unique system that allows you to easily adjust a downlight with no loss of light on the target. CSL engineers designed the innovative bezel-and-ball system so that any lighting adjustment can be made while installed with just a twist of the bezel —no tools needed. From 0º to 45º angles with infinite rotation, GyroShiftoptics are designed to provide a uniformly bright light and round beam at any angle. In addition, the GyroShift™  optics are field-changeable and available in 10º, 30º, and 50º.



Tilt and Rotation for a Variety of Lighting Options

  • A simple twist of the elegantly shaped bezel unlocks the 45° of tilt and infinite rotation of the optical carriage.

  • A further twist of the bezel allows for the lens to be quickly exchanged, converted into a wall wash, or fine-tuned with up to two media. The efficiencey of the system is extremely high at all aim angles.

Typical downlights are not equal to CSL’s patented GyroShift products. Our LED remains stationary with a thermally optimized connection to the compact, shallow height housing, which performs as one large heat sink. Each GyroShift bezel positions one of our patented GyroShift lenses to focus, shift, shape, and deliver up to 2200lm of light at targets up to 45º from nadir.