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Introducing GyroShift™, an adjustable downlight solution that can go practically anywhere. Our best-in-class power and modular optical system with 4" high housings enables you to supply crisp accents, broad washes, and tailored light wherever you need it.

Tilt and Rotation for a Variety of Lighting Options

  • A simple twist of the elegantly shaped bezel unlocks the 45° of tilt and infinite rotation of the optical carriage.

  • A further twist of the bezel allows for the lens to be quickly exchanged, converted into a wall wash, or fine-tuned with up to two media. The efficiencey of the system is extremely high at all aim angles.

With CSL's patented GyroShift™ products, our LED remains stationary with a thermally optimized connection to the compact, shallow height housing, which performs as one large heat sink. Each GyroShift™ bezel positions one of our proprietary CSL GyroShift™ lenses to focus, shift, shape, and deliver up to 2400lm of light at targets up to 45° from nadir.