Alo Yoga Stores Lit with CSL GyroShift Recessed Multiples

Study: A beautiful and creative application that leverages Gyroshift technology and performance

The lighting solution provider for Alo Yoga - the inspiring nationwide chain of popular yoga stores - implemented CSL Multiples GyroShift Recessed Lighting throughout multiple store locations. Perfect for retail spaces, the heads are designed to stay fixed while each individual optic rotates and tilts up to 45° independently of the others, enabling crisp accents, broad washes, and tailored light wherever it's needed - in multiple directions. This means the core lighting design can remain consistent among stores while differing merchandising layouts and space parameters are properly lit with quick and easy adjustments.

By choosing the right ball, bezel and trim finishes that coordinate with the brand, the lighting becomes a part of the spirit of design in the space, and that creates an ideal shopping atmosphere for customers who are focused on the irresistably presented products. Browse all CSL Multiples GyroShift Recessed Lighting products.

The Grove

Multiples GyroShift<sup>™</sup> Recessed Lighting Adjustable Multi-head Recessed Lights Recessed Lighting products
Lighting manufacturer California Yoga Store Lighting Design Multiples Recessed Lighting 2-Light
Project Location
The Grove, Los Angeles
189 The Grove Drive Suite G30, Los Angeles, California 90036


Pacific Palisades Sanctuary

California Store Lighting Commercial Recessed Lighting
Project Location
Pacific Palisades, California
1060 Swarthmore Ave #2-102, Los Angeles, CA 90272