Trendy Boston Retail Store Recessed Lighting

Utilizing Gyroshift technology and configuration options for retail lighting power

As part of a chain of popular retail stores that has chosen CSL Multiples GyroShift Recessed Lighting, this Boston location project is set somewhat apart because of the selected Ball, Bezel, Trim color. The recessed lighting design throughout the chain of stores is kept consistent with the use of the 2-light Multiple recessed lights, but at this location, a lighter color was selected for the finish.

One of the key advantages to using CSL Multiples GyroShift Recessed Lighting in this type of retail setting is that the lighting can coordinate with the interior design and merchandising plan. The lighting designer has the ability to aim each light in any set of multiples exactly where they want it. This means displays are well-lit and products are irresistible. The tilt and rotation is done below the ceiling and can be adjusted as needed, giving maximum design control for the placement of lights. Browse all CSL Multiples GyroShift Recessed Lighting products.

Project Location
Boston Seaport, Massachusetts
70 Pier 4 Blvd. #200, Boston, MA 02210