Commercial Lighting Design That Fits the Space

Why Multiples GyroShift Pendants were the right choice for this commercial lobby lighting project

Choosing the right lighting fixture for a commercial space is a process that needs to take many factors into consideration such as:
  • How a lighting fixture physically fits into the space. Are there housing options? Can you tilt and rotate the lights to aim them without having to modify the entire fixture's position or even the heads? What are the mounting options?
  • Can you style the fixture easily? In other words, what types of housing and trim colors and finishes are available to you?
  • What are the lighting options?For example, are there different lens, beam and dimming options?

For this lighting design project for an upscale commercial lobby, the right choice was the CSL Gyroshift 1-4 Light Multiples Pendant. It satisfied all these considerations beyond expectations. The 4-light multiples pendant worked well because each of the lights were aimed where the light was needed the most. And with its sleek, contemporary exterior housing, using two fixtures brought the right balance, function and beauty to the space. Choosing the right finish was a breeze and didn't require a custom formula since so many finish options are readily available. The choice in this case was the Sand color for the Ball, Bezel and Trim. See the available Ball, Bezel, and Trim colors for Multiples Pendants.
Multi-head Pendant Commercial Lighting