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Wall Wash Optic Combats Light Distribution to Unintended Areas

CSL Acrobat presents the ultimate performer in a modern, patented wall wash, engineered to perfectly illuminate the intended surface with uniform light distribution, accurate color rendering, and minimal glare. Acrobat's new wall wash optic snaps into the standard trim and rotates completely in either direction to bring the light precisely where needed. The decorative cover snaps in place to maintain a superior ceiling aesthetic with a round or square standard trim.

More Control Over Light Distribution

Retrofit Magazine featured the new CSL Lighting Acrobat Wall Wash Optic. Click the image below to read the article to find out how our patented Wall Wash Optic gives you more control over light distribution, and how it compares to alternatives on the market.
CSL Lighting Acrobat<sup>™</sup> Wall Wash Optic

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