Shallow Plenum Recessed Downlight Options

A Closer Look at Shallow Plenum Lighting Solutions

Shallow Plenum Recessed Downlights: A Closer Look at the Options Architectural lighting design choices are often limited by a project's technical installation and hardware requirements. One of these limiting requirements is a shallow plenum. When the lighting designer and installers have to contend with a shallow plenum, it can negatively impact the lighting designer's creativity and artistry in planning a successful project where the architectural details and atmosphere of a space is shown off.

Having more options and making the right choice for your shallow plenum project are made possible by the wide range of options available with CSL Lighting's Shallow Plenum lighting products. Even for plenum spaces as low as 2 ½", CSL's range of fixed and adjustable shallow plenum recessed downlights give you limitless design choices with powerful lighting capabilities.

Fixed or Adjustable Shallow Plenum Lighting

Let's talk about light. At the center of every CSL shallow plenum lighting product is a high-performance LED module engineered with enough power and lumens to fill the entire room with quality light, down to the floor through CSL's patented Silent Vu optic system - designed to remove harsh glare and provide perfectly soft, even light throughout the space. Each system offers interchangeable optics to create various distribution patterns and media options offering total light control for general, task and accent lighting. Housings are easy to handle, easy to install and ideal for commercial and residential projects.
Chicago Rated Shallow Plenum Adjustable Downlights
CSL's patented technology allows you to have an easily adjustable lens that shifts a focused, round beam of light in any direction with a touch of the finger from below the ceiling, providing 45° tilt and infinite rotation. The collar accommodates for various ceiling thicknesses/materials and provides a perfect fit between the optic and trim for a superior look below the ceiling. Round or square trims offer exceptional quality with a traditional flange or modern flangeless style trim and a standard or baffle reflector in 4 different powder coated finishes. CSL 3" Adjustable Lens Recessed Downlights are Chicago Rated, with zero cut off.


ECO 1", 3", 5" Shallow Plenum Downlights

For projects that require a high-performance cost-effective lighting solution, CSL's ECO Shallow Plenum IC Rated New Construction Box Recessed Downlights are the overachiever - a high-performance, cost-effective system that provides configurability. The ECO line has lighter, agile housing that's easy to handle, easy to install and offers below ceiling access to the driver for serviceability.
Shallow Plenum 3-inch Square Downlights 5-inch Round Shallow Plenum Down lights Flangeless Shallow Plenum Downlights

Acrobat 1", 2", 3", 4" Shallow Plenum Downlights

If you're looking for ultimate performance, the CSL Acrobat Shallow Plenum IC Rated New Construction Box Recessed Downlights deliver premium light quality and control in any application, to the most exacting standard, in plenum spaces as tight as 2 ½". The housings ship with the light module attached and a high-performance dimming driver.
Round IC Rated Shallow Plenum Lights Flangeless 1-inch Shallow Plenum Downlights Square Trim Downlights Shallow Plenum
With the 3" Adjustable Lens Recessed Downlights, ECO and Acrobat lighting options, you have a wide range of trim shapes, flange or flangeless, and finish colors to choose from. See all shallow plenum downlight options.


2" Shallow Plenum Clearance

If your project has a shallow plenum with as little as 2" clearance, and exacting standards that also require the smallest possible aperture to create a beautifully illuminating quiet ceiling, you also have the option to choose CSL Whisper Downlights.
2-inch plenum downlights
Whisper downlights deliver up to 1100 lumens of minimal glare light for general, task, and accent lighting from a footprint smaller than a dime to draw the eye to the thoughtfully designed space, not the ceiling. Each housing is precision engineered and built with performance grade aluminum that ensures extended life. Whisper ships complete with a mud-plate attached and your choice of integral or remote dimming drivers. Learn more about CSL Whisper Recessed Downlights.
Half-inch aperture shallow plenum lighting

Better Architectural Lighting Design Options

All the available shallow plenum lighting options CSL Lighting offers also come with the ratings and features such as being airtight and dimmable, Chicago Rated, IC Rated, and more. The CSL patented lighting technologies coupled with world-class design has made these shallow plenum downlights the go-to solution for lighting designers. Browse all shallow plenum downlight options.