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Commercial Cylinder Lighting Design Ideas

Inspiration for On-Brand Commercial Lighting Design

Commercial Cylinder Lighting Design Ideas Inspiration for On-Brand Commercial Lighting Design Architectural lighting details in a commercial setting like a restaurant, retail, office or industrial space can be an important part of creating the right atmosphere. Whether it’s having the right amount of light aimed at the right spots or having the right range of light color, choosing fixtures that are both aesthetically pleasing and have adjustability can help improve any architectural lighting design project. Lighting fixtures like decorative cylinders that can be wall or surface mounted, or suspended are an effective lighting design tool for setting the right atmosphere in a space.

Incorporating Decorative Cylinder Lighting

How you incorporate decorative cylinder lights into your project is ultimately as important as choosing the right kind of cylinders. You can use them to amplify the branding effect of a space, emphasize an entrance or a walkway, or leverage the modern look of the cylinder to reflect a more contemporary feel. And for these and other types of creative lighting design applications, having a wide range of finishes and styles that you can choose from gives you more options and more flexibility.

CSL Lighting Cylinders are a range of decorative cylinder downlights that come in 23 stylish colors. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, or suspended by stem, cord, or cable. Shapes include round, square, and a unique twistable housing. In a commercial space where you might need both exterior and interior coordinating applications, this can be a big advantage.

Cylinder Downlight Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Cylinder Lights
Utilize a brand identity’s palette of colors to create more interest with coordinating colors. You can create different variations by choosing different mounting types, shapes, and/or colors through different areas of one space. In the image shown, the lighting designer chose to mirror the display fixtures on the wall of the waiting area with equally spaced, alternating colored pendant cylinder downlights that creates a curtain of balanced light for a pleasing effect.
Cylinder Lights Cylinder Lights
In the office and lobby applications above, the architectural lighting was on-brand and on-point with coordinating pendant cylinder downlights in orange and green finishes. If you have a monochrome palette, you can also choose black cylinder downlights, white cylinder downlights, or a gray or metallic finish. Alternatively, you can coordinate a mix of fixtures with both bold and neutral colors.

Beyond color and shape options, CSL Lighting Cylinders give you options for aiming your downlights. This means you’re able to be more creative with your lighting design choices. For example, see the creative space below, where an outdoor seating lounge area is lighted with direction in mind. What’s more, the contemporary finish on the fixtures have allowed the designer to make the lighting fixtures themselves a part of the atmosphere.
Cylindrical Downlights
With multiple installation options, the choice of installation can also add to the interest of the space. In the example below, pendant cylinder downlights with a hexagon shape create a distinctive look and feel for this modern waiting space.
LED Cylinder Light

Exterior Cylinder Lights

From the inside to the outside, you can incorporate cohesive and consistent lighting design in a way that supports the architectural elements of any space. In the exterior commercial applications below, the CSL Lighting Cylinders transform the spaces by providing both the required lighting shapes and the fixture aesthetics. This is done with cylindrical surface mounted downlights and wall mounted cylinder lights.
Cylinder Downlights LED Cylinder Downlights Wall Mounted Cylinder Light
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