Extraordinary Lighting Design with LED Recessed Downlights

Strategic Considerations for Better Recessed Lighting in Luxury Spaces

The shape of recessed downlighting can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. A challenge to achieving extraordinary architectural lighting is to be able to have a consistent and coherent fixture aesthetic across all the recessed lighting fixtures in a space, while preserving the intended lighting design. The optics, color, beam angle, and other lighting features you design or choose for each part of a space can be different. But if your downlight fixtures are as varied, the overall ceiling design becomes less cohesive. Factor into that variations due to technical requirements such as for a shallow plenum or below ceiling access, and the variation in fixtures could potentially begin to take away from the harmony of the architectural lighting design.

Recessed Downlight Fixture Consistency in Residential Applications

In the case of residential applications, you may notice that downlight fixture design is often interrupted between different rooms, or outdoor and indoor spaces. That can especially fall short of expectations when you have a project that truly demands quality in both the ceiling aesthetics and light output.
LED Recessed Downlight Consistency

Recessed Downlight Fixture Consistency in Hospitality and Commercial Applications

For hospitality and commercial lighting projects, this cohesiveness in aesthetics can be even more important than in residential lighting applications. From building entrances to hallways, to shared and private spaces, the consistency in downlighting fixture style can help you achieve a quieter and more effective ceiling aesthetic. Find the right family of recessed light fixtures where you can choose variances in aesthetics and lighting features for different purposes and yet have a consistent and cohesive style. Having the benefit and efficiency of working with one family of downlight fixtures, while being able to customize things like beam angle, dimming, and lenses for each part of your lighting design project becomes essential.

More Control with GyroShift Multiples LED Recessed Downlights

A family of recessed lighting fixtures that provides you with control over how you style each recessed downlight while varying the light output will allow you choose whatever ceiling aesthetic you want while also having the aiming, warmth, and optics you want across all kinds of spaces, from very targeted spotlighting to lighting large spaces. The more flexibility and technical range your selected downlight fixtures have, the easier it is to achieve cohesive recessed lighting design. For this reason, lighting designers prefer a product like CSL Lighting’s GyroShift Multiples LED Recessed Downlights.

Recessed Downlights for the Right Look and Lighting Results

Flexible LED Recessed Downlights - Commercial And Residential
GyroShift technology is a unique bezel-and-ball system that allows you to easily adjust a downlight with no loss of light on the target. Any lighting adjustment can be made from below the ceiling with just a twist of the bezel. From 0° to 45° angles with infinite rotation, GyroShift recessed downlight optics are designed to provide a uniformly bright light and round beam at any angle. In addition, the GyroShift optics are field-changeable and available in 10°, 30°, and 50°.

With multiple versatile and colorful trim options, you can have a highly customized look. And by choosing from multiple available optics, leveraging the adjustability of each fixture and features like warm dim, and coordinating between 1, 2, 3 and 4 box configurations, you can easily achieve contemporary recessed down lighting ceiling design while maintaining your desired targeted lighting design.
Recessed Downlight Color And Style Options
GyroShift Multiples LED Recessed Downlights fixtures allow you to coordinate colors and finishes across all of the key parts, which means you can coordinate all of your units far beyond what other recessed downlights allow. Whether you design variations that coordinate across fixtures, or you choose one consistent style of color and finish combination, you have the capability to truly customize the aesthetics without compromising on light quality. And this applies across box configurations.
"Last year I used our Gyro on one of my very first projects. The results, finally this month, are spectacular. Gyro Shift are a new solution for down lighting. Minimized glare and opportunities to tilt the optics." - Carlos Alonso-Niemeyer, Reflex Lighting for Shinmio Teahouse
Multiples Recessed Downlight Example

How GyroShift Recessed Downlights Work

Typical recessed downlights are not equal to CSL's patented GyroShift products in which the LED remains stationary with a thermally optimized connection to the compact, shallow height housing, which performs as one large heat sink. Each GyroShift bezel positions the patented GyroShift lens to focus, shift, shape, and deliver up to 22001m of light at targets up to 45° from nadir.

Most other multiples on the market have a head that tilts while GyroShift optics are rotatable around the LED light source that always remains at the focal point. At 0° aim, the lens glows uniformly and the light emanates from the entire lens. At 45° aim, the upper hemisphere of the lens is quiet and the light is shifted to the lower half, reducing flash on the trim. Surprisingly, the light on the target remains the same regardless of aiming.
Beam Angle - LED Recessed Downlight - Illustration

High Lumens in Tight Spaces

The GyroShift Multiples recessed downlight power and modular optical system with diminutive 4" high housings enable you to supply crisp accents, broad washes, and tailored light wherever you need it. CSL's GyroShift can go wherever you need an adjustable downlight solution.

With multiple layers of strategically engineered parts, together with a best in class LED light engine, quality optics and high performance drivers, these recessed downlights are a preferred choice for designing large spaces that require high-end contemporary LED recessed down lighting.
Technical Specs Recessed Downlight Multiples
A simple twist of the elegantly shaped bezel unlocks the 45° of tilt and infinite rotation of the optical carriage. A further twist of the bezel allows for the lens to be quickly exchanged, converted into a wall wash, or fine-tuned with up to two media. The efficiency of the system is extremely high at all aim angles. The LED and LED Driver are fully field-serviceable. This means you’re able to achieve all of the technical requirements your lighting design demands while coordinating the aesthetics to meet and exceed client expectations.
LED Recessed Downlight Specs
This is one family of led recessed down lighting fixtures that truly gives you a new way to downlight. Read more about these LED Recessed Downlights.