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For over 20 years, we’ve created high-performance, low-maintenance lighting solutions for commercial and residential spaces. Our full suite of architectural lighting products brings together two qualities: They’re at once environmentally conscious and aesthetically clean. This means they’re all built to the latest, most rigorous energy-efficiency standards in the industry, while being designed so that not a single unnecessary detail blemishes their stylish form. That’s why we’ve earned prestigious honors such as the Green GOOD DESIGN Award a number of times. At the same time, our devotion to exhaustive research & development results in pieces delivering high-quality light to meet the high-performance of the technology driving it—CRI scores averaging around 90 and correlated-color temperatures of surprising warmth. All of this in performance-engineered, modular, adjustable lighting systems that enhance the spaces in which they’re installed without calling attention to themselves but, when you are meant to see them, are good-looking. It’s system-based lighting, but with a creative touch, and that’s what makes us CSL—Creative Systems Lighting.

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